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"Welcome to my project"


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Latest Music Videos

Freestyle @Victoire 2 01:41
In order to relax just before auditing for "Les Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges". Charly Cuts on platine scratching on a beat from Mounika Beatmaker.
I don't care 03:43
This is my first song and my first video shooted in 2015. Prod The Left
Follow me 03:31
On Proleter - "April showers". Video shooted in Montpellier city
Live @ L'Antirouille 01:08
Dec 2015 - opening for Georgio in Montepllier. DJ and Scratch : Charly Cuts
Authentic Dope Cypher 07:49
Gathering MC's from AUTHENTIC DOPE RECORDS label
Concert Photos
Not so many concerts so far but all great moments.
Dub remix by Kandee in his Maelstrom EP released in 2016. It is a really great album and Kandee gave me the opportunity also to sing on Earth beat.
SoundCloud Album Record

Kandee Dub - I Don't Care remix